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Project Transportation

We offer reliable solutions in project transportation with the right planning and our experienced team.

Veher Logistics; In line with its 32 years of transportation experience, it carries out the transportation of finished products, raw materials and semi-finished products within the borders of Turkey on a complete or partial basis, from west to east, from north to south, in its domestic transportation by road, together with 52 vehicles belonging to its own goods and partners.


Veher Logistics’ transportation strategy; It is based on the delivery of our customers’ products at will, undamaged and with most appropriate cost, and sharing of the right information at the right time.


Veher Logistics plans the shipment of products with its trained personnel and modern fleet of self-owned and supplier products, and ensures that they are delivered to their final destination in the minimum time required under appropriate vehicles and conditions.

Milk-Run Services

With our milk-run operations, we offer solutions that make a difference and provide benefits.


Veher Logistics successfully meets the logistics needs between the main industry and its suppliers with the Milk Run system in order to reduce the stocking needs of its customers, to minimize their costs, to ensure the daily material flow and to harmonize the instant information flow with each other.


In Milk Run transportation, material and information flow is provided in two ways: High volume shipments made directly from supplier industry companies to the main industry and low volume shipments from supplier industry companies after consolidation using the main industry warehouse and every portal. After the shipments to the main industry, the process is reversed for empty packages, and after the delivery of the full packages to the main industry within the system, the same number of empty packages with the same characteristics are taken from the main industry and delivered to the sub-industry companies to be filled.

Line Critical  (Urgent Transports)

We provide “always on time” service with our urgent transportation operations that we work on a 24/7 basis.

We provide line critical transportation services 7 days and 24 hours with our self-owned vehicles deployed in Gölcük and İnönü regions, as well as in Bursa, Gebze, Manisa, İzmir and İstanbul regions.

Heavy Transports (Low-Bed)

Veher, in line with its 38 years of transportation experience, provides Escort and Lashing services in domestic heavy transportations carried out by road, together with vehicles belonging to its own property and partners, and carries out Project transportations, 126 different models and different branded tractors, 60 Low Bed trailers in different sizes, 22 pieces 21 meters extended raft trailers and 70 standard size trailers.


Veher safely transports all your loads, regardless of width, length or weight, with insured vehicles suitable for your load, accompanied by a pioneer.


Veher has the capacity to transport up to 4,500 tons of cargo in the country on a daily basis with the vehicles it owns.


  • Power Plant Transportations
  • Transformer, Turbine and Generator Transportations
  • Construction Machinery Transportations
  • Gauge cargo transportations
  • Factory transportations
  • Dryer, chimney and iron and steel furnace transportations
  • Pipeline projects
  • Large and Extraordinary Transportations that require special features
  • Tank and pressure vehicle transportations
  • Casting Units Transportations
  • Ship engine Transportations
  • Boat and Yacht Transportations
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